Wrestled Sat On and Tickled by Ingrid Mouth

Mike Panic really thought that today’s wrestling match with Ingrid Mouth was going to be a cake walk. He had no idea that all his douchebag treatment of her was about to bite him square in the ass.


Ingrid showed up ready in her red stockings, tight blue briefs, and red bra, ready to do damage. She throws Mike around like a little bitch. The more it goes on, the more he realizes how much trouble he’s in. After throwing him down and letting him up, just to throw him down again, she even lifts him with a fireman’s carry all the way off of the ground and squats him to show how strong her ample thighs and ass are. 


Mike’s taken a beating and given up, he’s tapped out while Ingrid has him in a Saturday Night Ride, pinned down with his legs spread wide open. The ultimate display of dominance. He asks her to be done, but she’s not. She mounts his face, smothering him while having a good laugh at his expense. After completely humiliating him she goes further by tickling him, the worse punishment possible for being such a dick. Mike is left out of breath, humiliated, and defeated by his opponent.