Dommed by Daisy Part 2

[Part 2 of 2]


Mike Panic is quickly learning to submit to Daisy Ducati’s demands and does so as she makes him big for pain, again and again. She delivers her rod into his hole and pounds him from behind harder and harder as he struggles to take it. She love seeing the torment on his face, so she flips him over on his back to take it look a good sissy and watch him squirm under the pressure of her slamming him over and over. He gives in and screams “you’re the boss! you’re the boss!” Daisy already know she’s the boss, he’s just a slow learner. 

She slams his dirty hole until he leaks his cum out all over himself and then hits him where it hurts the most. She sends him off to clean himself so that she can go out on a real date with a real man that she’s going to let fuck her anyway that he wants.